Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Legacy Skirt #1

This was my first venture into Meemaw's wonderful stash... a wool and linen blend, in a gorgeous copper hue.  It's perhaps the least scary of the fabrics that Meemaw had bought for the wardrobe, excepting perhaps the turquoise flannel(interlining for a coat, perhaps?), which is still really good flannel! I lined it in a turquoise synthetic... and used a turquoise hem tape, which makes me happy
every time I put that skirt on or cross my legs! This skirt was made last fall, and I've lost 20 pounds since then, so I'll need to fit it to my new bod, but I think it was a marvelous debut for Meemaw's Legacy wardrobe.

It's definitely wool, but perhaps has some linen or silk, but it's rustic... not refined, so I thought a refined silhouette would be a nice juxtaposition.  Plus, cute with my new brown shoes, right?!?!

I had fun with the finishing, and will use this lining for more of the skirts in the wardrobe, including the next one..... more silky fabric scrap flowers?

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