Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bonnie's Legacy

My husband had a grandmother who was a sewing genius... she had a fabric stash any good home sewer would kill for.  It's no wonder, as she used to own two different fabric stores in Texas. Her name was Bonnie and she was one of those people who could hardly sit still for two seconds together, energy to spare, all the time. Meemaw made my wedding dress as a wedding gift, and it was as beautiful inside as out: and gorgeous white dupioni with chunky lace (I did bead it myself with little tiny pearl beads!!!). About eight years ago, she had me go through her fabric stash and get whatever struck my fancy. I've always had a taste for luxury, so I chose the best (OK, I had no idea it was so luxurious, then): gorgeous silk and woolen suitings, some beautiful silks, and a bevy of teal and copper fabrics that all coordinated beautifully.  I was aware that my sewing skills did not merit the use of these amazing fabrics, but I knew one day I'd love to have them in my wardrobe so I took them home and put them in a suitcase and would get them out to pet occasionally. Meemaw passed away about two years ago, and I think it's high time I put those fabrics to good use! My sewing skills have progressed to a point that I'd not hesitate to try just about any pattern, adjust it to fit me and make something marvelous...

These are the fabrics that coordinated... along with a copper wool that I already used.

And these are the ones I'm planning on using for garments, soon!

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