Monday, November 7, 2011

Everyday Mitts

Our house is COLD in the winter, warm enough when you're moving about being all domestic, doing housework or cooking, but downright chilly for sitting and knitting or blogging or reading or sewing. SO, I wear mitts in the house... even though my fingers aren't covered, wearing the mitts makes my whole hand warmer which keeps me comfy and the heating bills at a reasonable level. I made these last winter.

I have been on a green and brown kick for a while, so they go with lots of my casual clothes, like the outfit I threw on this morning...

 Since we're being all colorful on my blog, I did my eye makeup to match today, too!

Pattern: KIS Mitts by April Klich

Project Cost: Nothing, used scraps from other projects

Time: 3-5 hours, I can't really remember, it was last winter, I know I made the pair in one day.

Note to Self: Great Gift knit!

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