Thursday, May 10, 2012

Springtime in NY Socks

J'adore these socks, oh so much!!!! This is my souvenir yarn from my NYC trip in March... this is the color everyone was wearing... a toned down version of tangerine, perhaps? The color of the year is one that most people would rather die than appear in, though I look darn good in it. These socks were begun in the hotel in Manhattan and finished two days ago. What took me so long? I didn't bother to read the pattern thoroughly before beginning and got confused. Silly me.

Soooo, I actually knit four socks total.... two false starts, pulled out and re knit.... then a complete sock, but wrong, then a correct sock, then pulling out and re-knitting the first sock. It's good I don't have SSS (Second Sock Syndrome, the waning of love for a sock pattern upon completion of one sock, resulting in single socks with matching balls of yarn sitting in your knitting basket) or TSS (Third) or FSS (Fourth), though those last two aren't real things at all... Okay, so maybe SSS isn't a real psychiatric diagnosis, either... Although, I maintain that knitters are different from ordinary humans, better in many ways.... ha!

Mmmmm, I think they're gorgeous... Hello, Springtime in New York.

Pattern: Cadence Socks

Time: Endless hours of knitting the same yarn over and over

Cost: 2 skeins of KPM for $26 purchased at Purl Soho (notice I said AT, not from... I loved the shop in Soho!!)

Note to Self: Read the entire pattern before beginning and save yourself some time, Lady!

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  1. My sample size is small, but I will have to agree with you knitters are better people! You should great determination in making sure those socks turned out right, and it was worth it.