Thursday, November 3, 2011

Boucle is Delicious

I love thrift stores... I love finding something wonderful for almost no money, and I love taking things that aren't quite right and making them right... a la Sixteen Candles (why oh why did she cut up that pink prom dress to make that pink disaster for prom????) This skirt's fabric called to me at the local Goodwill... such a pretty boucle, a misty, purpley grey background with lovely orange and purple and red and gold boucle yarns popping out... I just couldn't resist, even if it was inches too big... It was only $4!!! So, I put in a movie one night, and pulled it apart... taking out zipper, cutting three inches off the side seams, opening up the waistband seams... Then yesterday, I put it all back together again! I fused thin strips of interfacing to the stitch line on the boucle... it's so stretchy, after all... sewed up the right seam, sewed on the zipper (I almost had to replace it... getting it out of the garment was very difficult). I'd like to mention here, invisible zippers are so easy to put in a la the Sew Serendipity method... Then I just re-hemmed it, did some hand finishing around the zipper, took out the old label (it's MINE now!), and threw it on!

It's fabulous!

Project Cost: $4

Time: Approximately three to four hours in total, but I was dawdling... 

Note to self: Mama needs more boucle in her wardrobe!!!

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