Monday, November 14, 2011

Damson Jacket

FIRST A DISCLAIMER: I know this jacket is too small for me, I do not care... I will shrink. So there.

So, anyway, purple wool, simple, slightly deconstructed jacket.  I bought it,tags still on, and a matching pair of pants, at the local Goodwill. I knew it didn't quite fit, and I knew I didn't care... as I'm working out regularly and losing weight like it's, well, most of the things in my house (so I suck at housework, nobody's perfect). I couldn't resist the color, and it's really beautiful, so I figured I could find SOMEone to wear it! Me first...

And look, it just so happens to be modeled by ME, with the Silk Poppy and my reconstructed Grey Skirt!

I do not like slacks, and think I'll probably turn the pants into a wool skirt, buuuuuuuuuttttt, after I lose enough weight to WEAR them, I might change my mind!

Cost: $5

Note to self: Girl, get to the gym!

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