Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Silk Poppies

Well, I've been busy... I bought some burnt orange silky material at JoAnne's for a blouse... and from the scraps I made these pretty silk flowers... I also bought buttons at G Street Fabrics in Alexandria, VA for another project that is in the works... I'll not elaborate, as of yet, because it's a massive undertaking and it may never get started! Burnt orange is one of my favorite colors. I'm a fan of bright, saturated color, and I have green eyes and auburn hair, so warm autumnal colors look best on me, not to mention make me happy!

These flowers are extremely easy to make, and there are a million flower tutorials online, but I'll just quickly outline what I did... I'm sure you've all made paper hearts, fold the paper in half, cut out a half heart shape, unfold and, voila, a pretty paper heart.... This is very similar... only I folded the fabric in half, in half again and in half again to make a pizza slice shape, then just cut the wide end of the wedge in a half circle shape. When unfolded the fabric makes a scalloped circle. I just took five or so of those scalloped circles, folded them in half and then in thirds to make a fluffy pizza slice and arranged a fluffy silk pizza. Then I just sewed the centers together with a needle and matching thread, added a pretty button to the middle and voila (again!) a fabric flower.  I liked it so much I made two:

Project Cost: I'll estimate $1.25 per flower, for the button and fabric only, a clip or pin would up the cost slightly
Project time: less than 10 minutes per flower

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