Sunday, March 30, 2014


Look how pretty! These socks are so beautiful... I don't know if I can wear them. I may have to give them away.  Look at the mirroring of the patterns, the way it moves diagonally, the way the ribbing flows into the pointelle lace pattern!

Pattern: Pointelle by Cookie A.
Yarn: Claudia Handpaints Addiction Lipstick
Cost: $30
Time: I really should start timing myself so that I can tell you guys how much time it took!
Note to Self: Why bother with shoes when your socks are so fabulous?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

An Easter Dress

Hello! I decided to post some pics of my project in progress... it's an Easter dress for one of my daughters. It's in a burnout poly/cotton print that I picked up at JoAnne's recently. It's semi transparent, so some of the "guts" of the dress will be visible from the outside. Read "this might be a disaster". It's the same pattern as The Sorbet Dress, so I've dealt with the difficulties already and should be prepared for them... hopefully!

Cutting out the pattern using the muslin... I fitted this dress to my daughter, and narrowed the waist by three inches. She's a stringbean. A cute one.

And finally, a pic of the hem of the dress, using Hug Snug, just like the Sorbet Dress.

The Sorbet Dress

Here are some little details from the Sorbet Dress. I used Hug Snug as hem tape. Hug Snug is a rayon ribbon that is used to finish seams or as a hem tape like I used it. Here is a tutorial on how to finish seams with Hug Snug. It's a really pretty and couture way to finish seams. On this dress I didn't finish the seams since it'll be gently worn, lined, and handwashed.

Here is a detail I am very proud of. I used a hand stitch called a pickstitch as an understitching for the lining of the dress, since understitching by machine was well nigh impossible and one doesn't want the lining popping out of the dress! Here is a tutorial on how to pickstitch.

More pics later!