Sunday, November 6, 2011

Red Poppy Blouse

I love this blouse... though it was a challenge to make.  This is my first silky, slippery fabric project, and I think I did alright.  If I was to be persnickety, I should have marked the pleats more precisely, and perhaps lengthened the blouse slightly above the bust line, but as the fabric was $3 a yard, it was a sort of practice run or muslin to determine fit for my nicer fabrics. The collar is interesting, but it was challenging to figure out how the heck to sew it!!! I still may need to tweak it a bit, and I've already tweaked it twice!!! I really want a simple shell pattern to make with a moderate scoop neck and swingy, full sleeves with a pretty cuff.... THIS pattern was a bit challenging to make, but the blouse is infinitely more flattering than a simple shell, and it looks just as stunning under a jacket, and looks amazing all on it's own!

Project cost: Approximately $4, Polyester Joanne's silky solid

Time: 12 hours... pinning was meticulous, both for cutting and for the pleats. Hand finishing time consuming, but as I like handwork, it was fun the whole time!

Pattern:McCall's 6399

Note to self: I need a Dressmaker's Dummy for pics and fittings!!! Loved ones please note Christmas Present idea.

Bonus: Silken Poppies

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