Monday, March 19, 2012

Pink Beauties

Well, I used to NOT be a fan of pink... but I'm starting to appreciate it thoroughly. I got this yarn in a sock club by Yarn Love... I've always adored their yarn colorways, but just couldn't choose. I was frozen by indecision and just bought NONE. In the club you only get two choices a month (I can do THAT)and then get 100 grams of whatever you choose... this is a DK weight in the Colorway Cosmopolitan... you can see why it's named that...

I still have like 50grams left... I want to find something WONDERFUL to do with it, but what???

Here's what I did with the first 50 grams! This pattern is inspired by some fingerless gloves worn by a character in one of my favorite shows... and even though I'm afraid you'll all judge me for it... Oh, I'll just tell you... it's Dr Who!!! But holy moley, I love these mitts! Four to six year old girls all over the world agree with me, and you can't go wrong with that! Look how the yarn makes the cables and texture pop, I love it!

Pattern: Rose's wrist Warmers
Yarn: Yarn Love Amy March in Cosmopolitan (all their yarn names are literary figures or characters, I heart them so much!)
Time: 1 week
Cost: $12
Note to Self: Never pass up an opportunity to buy Yarn Love yarn! And make a pink paperbag skirt to wear with them!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Finished Gift Skirt

Well, the skirt for my sister really wasn't all that difficult to make, but when she came to visit at Christmas, she changed her mind about the design!!! I followed this tutorial to make her a skirt with a more paper bag shape in the hips... and here it is! Modeled by my daughter... who is less than enthused, and also too small for the skirt...

She, like most 12 year old girls has a model's proportions... isn't it odd that in our culture we seek to emulate the proportions of a gangly preteen? Aaaaaanyway, the skirt tapers at the hem to produce a full hip which is good for the apple shape, like mine, and like my sister's! 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blue Lace

Hello, lovelies! Here is something that was years in the making... and I'm SO proud of it... Ok, two things, as my daughter is modeling and she's been in progress for about 12 years now! This is a knitted lace wrap! It looks soooo complicated, but really it's not, it just takes FOREVER!!! The hardest part, honestly, was picking up the stitches for the edging, which would have been easier if I'd read other's notes on Ravelry, as several did the math and made it much easier for others. I LOVE Ravelry!!!

Pattern: Print o' the Wave Stole by Eunny Jang
Yarn: 3 skeins Knit Picks Shadow in Pacific and Blue Yonder
Cost: $15
Note to Self: YOU GO GIRL!!! Also... wear this as much as possible and show it OFF!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Cloister Wrap

I'm still making stuff like crazy!! For example: I overdyed some orange laceweight with pink and got this marvelous soft coral red, and then, to exhaust the dyepot, I threw in a failed attempt at vegetable dying... And I have bubblegum pink fingering weight yarn! This red yarn is for a travel project... I'm going to NYC, and of course, seeing the Cloisters! I found a lace shawl pattern with a cloisters lace pattern... Should be pretty in coral...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Warm Head, Warm Heart

Look, I look a wee bit like Rosie the Riveter!!

I'm remiss, I know... I lost my camera battery charger! So I took some pics with my computer which are... sub par. However, I did make something!! I've been happier lately, probably because of the Spring making itself felt... though the winds of February may just blow my house down. I was still coooooollllllddddddddd... so I made a head warmer to warm my head... and consequently the rest of me. 

It's warm and squishy and stylish, I think... let me know if you all think I'm deluding myself about that... I CAN refrain from wearing it in public!!

Look at these cutie orange buttons! I think it looks so good with my highlights... Speaking of highlights!! I found a stylist that will GIVE me highlights even though I henna... and guess what?!? NO SCARY side effects!!! 

Project Cost: $10

Project Time: Two days... So easy to knit

Pattern: Calorimetry

Yarn: Fibra Natura COBBLESTONE and Socks that Rock Lightweight, held double... the STR colorway is Crabby Mc HappyPants, my favorite colors EVER... stood in line at the Maryland Fiber Festival and met lots of fun yarnies!! I have to go again this year!!

Note to Self: Great for bad hair days and also keeping warm without dressing like an Eskimo... Use second skein of Cobblestone for fingerless gloves??