Monday, October 31, 2011

First Post

Hello random People out there! I've decided to enter the blog world once again... And the only things that make me tingle right now are things I make... or things that other people make, or stuff to make things with, or COLOR... and to that end:  I love teal, turquoise, robin's egg blue, peacock blue, and any variation therein... I love plummy purples and burnt oranges and fresh greens and rich golds... and I love them passionately...

I love to make things.  I knit, sew, draw, garden, cook, and paint liberally.  I have an interest in natural dyes and herbal medicine and the moon and well.... lots of things, but at the moment, I'm all about the CLOTHES! I'm a complete disaster: messy house, messy hair, messy mind... but I'm fun! So, hang with me and listen to me gush and brag and tell you what I'm learning!