Sunday, December 11, 2011

Make and Take

I had a very fun Saturday, this past weekend.  I went to a little cooperative venture for three businesses VERY close in proximity. the Red Thread Shop, where I made a sweet Christmas Ball Cozy in red sock yarn. This was my first beaded knitting project, and it turned out very nicely... I threaded beads onto the yarn before casting on, and then just pulled one up and knit it in, occasionally. The ladies at The Red Thread are very interested in having you sit and knit, stay and hang out... and served warm cider and cookies and coffee. They have a large, convenient range of basic yarns and a small variety of lovely luxury offerings, not to mention a perfectly wonderful place to knit!! 

Next, we had lunch served by Great Harvest Bread Co., which just happens to be next to the Red Thread Shop... I had a Turkey Cobb sandwich, which was delicious... everything I eat there is amazing... annnnnnnndddd, they just happen to have a coffee drink named after the owner of the quilt shop my next projects were constructed in! 

Kelly Ann's Quilting is right across the street from The Red Thread and Great Harvest Bakery. Here, I made a very sweet little woolen brooch with a few sequins and some jingle bells from some beautiful hand dyed wool felt... super soft and luxurious stuff...

I also made this little Christmas Ornament with some craft felt  and sequins and embroidery thread with a jingle bell.... I think I was the only one to really make one of these in the whole group of ladies! I did some hand embroidery and then attached the sequins and sewed on a backing with a simple blanket stitch. This project seems perfect for little seamstresses... I wonder if I could get my kids to do the project, Kelly Ann sent the templates for the felt home with me... very kind!!! 

I also bought a kit for a little table topper in some Christmas fabric that matches my house... It looks simple enough... The quilting fabrics here are GORGEOUS... and they offer machine quilting services, as well: an option for that quilt top I made last summer and never bothered to make a quilt out of...

I had a great day of Making in Color!

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