Thursday, December 1, 2011

Coral Silk

I found a bargain!! I went to G Street Fabrics and found some 4ply silk on sale for a VERY good price, and then almost the whole store was discounted %25. I had to call home to ask hubs to find out how much fabric I needed for a sheath pattern I'd just purchased. NOW.. this is not to say the fabric wasn't still kinda pricey, it WAS. I spent $65 bucks on the pattern, fabric, and notions, including two different ribbons for belts, one green for Christmas, one red. I have a white fabric flower to wear at the waist with the ribbon. I also purchased 1/4 yard red charmeuse with a white polka dot for a bowtie... this stuff was 49.99 a yard, so... I figured it'd make a good Christmas present!! The bowtie pattern was on the LA Times website, and I bought the little three piece bowtie clips at an Etsy site (I bought a bowtie, too!)... 

I'm a little nervous about this dress... it's quite sleek, not the best for my body type, but I think it'll be nice. I just need to make a muslin this time!! Make absolutely sure the fit is right! The pattern only calls for a lined bodice... I think I may line the skirt, too, however, since it's silk, and it'll cling. I'm nervous about that... not really knowing how and all! I did find this very thorough tutorial on lining a skirt with a vent from A Fashionable Stitch.

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