Friday, March 2, 2012

Warm Head, Warm Heart

Look, I look a wee bit like Rosie the Riveter!!

I'm remiss, I know... I lost my camera battery charger! So I took some pics with my computer which are... sub par. However, I did make something!! I've been happier lately, probably because of the Spring making itself felt... though the winds of February may just blow my house down. I was still coooooollllllddddddddd... so I made a head warmer to warm my head... and consequently the rest of me. 

It's warm and squishy and stylish, I think... let me know if you all think I'm deluding myself about that... I CAN refrain from wearing it in public!!

Look at these cutie orange buttons! I think it looks so good with my highlights... Speaking of highlights!! I found a stylist that will GIVE me highlights even though I henna... and guess what?!? NO SCARY side effects!!! 

Project Cost: $10

Project Time: Two days... So easy to knit

Pattern: Calorimetry

Yarn: Fibra Natura COBBLESTONE and Socks that Rock Lightweight, held double... the STR colorway is Crabby Mc HappyPants, my favorite colors EVER... stood in line at the Maryland Fiber Festival and met lots of fun yarnies!! I have to go again this year!!

Note to Self: Great for bad hair days and also keeping warm without dressing like an Eskimo... Use second skein of Cobblestone for fingerless gloves??

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