Monday, March 19, 2012

Pink Beauties

Well, I used to NOT be a fan of pink... but I'm starting to appreciate it thoroughly. I got this yarn in a sock club by Yarn Love... I've always adored their yarn colorways, but just couldn't choose. I was frozen by indecision and just bought NONE. In the club you only get two choices a month (I can do THAT)and then get 100 grams of whatever you choose... this is a DK weight in the Colorway Cosmopolitan... you can see why it's named that...

I still have like 50grams left... I want to find something WONDERFUL to do with it, but what???

Here's what I did with the first 50 grams! This pattern is inspired by some fingerless gloves worn by a character in one of my favorite shows... and even though I'm afraid you'll all judge me for it... Oh, I'll just tell you... it's Dr Who!!! But holy moley, I love these mitts! Four to six year old girls all over the world agree with me, and you can't go wrong with that! Look how the yarn makes the cables and texture pop, I love it!

Pattern: Rose's wrist Warmers
Yarn: Yarn Love Amy March in Cosmopolitan (all their yarn names are literary figures or characters, I heart them so much!)
Time: 1 week
Cost: $12
Note to Self: Never pass up an opportunity to buy Yarn Love yarn! And make a pink paperbag skirt to wear with them!

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