Saturday, January 14, 2012

An Old Project with New Life

I made this project a couple of years ago... when I was a bit heavier... and I wear it constantly. I wear it so much that the ribbing had all been flattened out and the sweater was covered in little linty pills that made the sweater look ratty and old... SO, I shaved it and washed it and re-blocked it and I think it looks so much like new that I thought I'd blog it! Of course... taking pics of a sweater you're wearing without a tripod isn't easy, so the styled pic is plenty blurry, also I think a bit squished vertically, but I think you'll forgive me.

Project Cost: Brown Fisherman's wool, 2 skeins... I think about $18, Vintage buttons, purchased on Etsy, $5, along with a ton of others... 

Project Time: To knit, 25 hours. To wash, shave, and block, 2 hours

Note to Self: Don't sleep in this sweater anymore!! It flattens out the ribbing in the back.

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